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Clarence Moore US Golf Scramble Classic 2023

On Monday, September4th, 2003, golfers from seven (7) different golf clubs, totaling seventy (70) golfers, from locations near and distant, converged in Giessen, to compete in the 22nd U.S. Clarence Moore Golf Scramble Classic, at Golf Club Winnerod . Bubbling with enthusiastic smiles, handshakes, hugs and laughs, ready for competition and enjoying golf fellowship . This tournament was founded twenty-two (22) years ago with a few golfers, with whom I had competed with or against on several golf courses in the past . Thinking further and having goals in mind, I thought how intriguing and magnificent it would be to bring them all together at my club, GC Winnerod for a few competitive rounds, in which the response was positive, which in turn set the precedence for my golf scramble . 

A brief synopsis of this year´s tournament winners is as follows: presentations were awarded to, Total point Winners Pro´s Sven Patrick Lauer & Daniel Tack Golf Club Wnnerod, with 46 total-10, 62 shots ; Winners Net points Group A, Guido Backhaus & Juergen Plalz, of Ober Hessen GC Marburg , with 47 net points ; Winners of Netto Group B, Stephan Wendel GC Winnerod & Lukas Wagner GC Licher, 50 netto points; Winners of Group C, Norbert & Joanna Pulliam, GC Winnerod with 52 netto points; Nearest to the pin Women, Susanne Hubatschek of GC Winnerod and Men, Carsten Dern of GC Winnerod; Longest Driver Women, Christine Dern of UnnaFroendenberg and Men, Carsten Dern . Wishing a warm and deserving congratulations to all of them !

Thanking God for a picture-perfect day for golfing at the GC Winnerod Golf Club . Giving special thanks and applauding to all guests, faithful sponsers, GC Winnerod Club Members, club staff, greenkeepers and the Restaurant Team for providing impeccable service during this tournament and future tournaments years to come ! Why do I continue this tradition…because of my vision, enthusiasm and devotion to the sport…slogan,“ You Know You Can Play This Game “!

Sincere Thanks to All,